Contois Tavern: New Haven, CT (East Rock)

(**No actual picture of the bar could be found, this gives a good idea though**)

Louis’ may lay claim to the first burger in America, but it
still doesn’tserve the best burger in New Haven. This honor belongs to ContoisTavern in East Rock. It’s the neighborhood bar that every man who ever drank a beer or a scotch on the rocks hopes to know someday.It’s been around since the 1930’s, passed down from father to a son who seems to know everyone’s name who steps in the door. To be honest, you would never even notice the place unless you were looking for it. Tucked away on a residential block, it’s a small bar in an unadorned brick building.

Upon finding your way in, you sit either at one of a few tables or the long bar. There’s no menu – pretty muchjust burgers, delicious burgers. They’re grilled on the flat top and when ordered with everything, come served in a ripped open poppy seed bun (because that’s just always how he’s always done it) with grilled onions, cheese and roasted red peppers. And unlike Louis’, you can have ketchup. The following quote from (where) really captures the experience at Contois: “A charmingly gruff East Rock classic since 1934: old men,cheap beer, and occasional burgers.” (Fearless Critic, New Haven) I’ll be honest, there are old men,and the booze and beer are cheap and plentiful at Contois, but you must try the burgers.


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