The Yankee Doodle: New Haven, CT.

I know it may seem a little strange to begin this blog with a post about a restaurant that is unfortunately no longer open for business. However, while my idea for this type of service originally came to me when I needed to get my hair cut in Boston for the first time; when I tried to actually elaborate on the idea to a friend, I used “the doodle,” as my example. This tiny hole in the wall, with only one row of diner top seats, was famous for it’s “doodle burgers,” served with homemade sauce, on buttered buns (yes, I said buttered. See below). 

Aside from these amazing three-bite sized burgers, the doodle offered up delicious selection of breakfast sandwiches, BLT’s, donuts (grilled with either butter or topped with ice cream), flavored sodas, milkshakes and a personal favorite of mine, the “pig in a blanket.” This final item was not your typical pastry covered hotdog, but rather a hotdog split down the middle, filled with cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled all together.

The doodle was a favorite of Yalies and long-time New Haven residents alike. It was my favorite burger spot in New Haven (a place that invented the burger @ Louie’s Lunch (hyperlink)) until it sadly closed it’s doors in 2008 and to this day I can’t say I’ve found somewhere that has quite mastered something similar to the doodle. So, while this post may not serve as a recommendation to anyone; if anyone out there has found anything, anywhere, that even slightly reminds them of the doodle, please let us know and I can undoubtedly say that you’ll make MANY people very happy!

Check out these links for some reviews and a little more background on the doodle:


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